Bridge Course

Bridge Courses are connecting courses that connect a student’s previous course and the course student wants to join so that he/she does not have to begin from the start of the course. Different colleges have different bridge courses that are designed to help students who are going to pursue higher education. Bridge Courses can sometimes be the entrance test for some colleges while in some others it can be a deciding factor in a student’s admission.

Bridge courses can be considered as supplementary knowledge that can be provided to students to impart basic knowledge in them about the advanced subjects that will be taught to them in the upcoming future. For example, if a student wants to prefer Science specialization in plus 2, a bridge course is taught to him so that he can have the basic knowledge of the course that will be taught to him. This will make sure the student does not have to any confusion regarding general terms of science.

During SEE, many students have the habit of mugging up answers and when they get admitted for Plus Two, they have no idea about what the courses are like. So, to solve this problem RSS has also been conducting bridge courses for Science and Management stream.RSS conducts bridge courses for three months right after the completion of SEE every year. At RSS, various bridge courses are offered and the curriculum for students preferring Science stream includes subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and English.